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Hybrid Shirts:
from classic to contemporary

The classic male fashion of the early twentieth century brought the values of elegance to man, while current casual fashion seeks comfort and a more unpretentious aesthetic.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, men’s fashion reflected a harmonious aesthetic sense, aiming for a discreet combination that valued man’s presentation to society. However, this aesthetic left aside the comfort, reinforcing a historical behavior where the choice of the costumes was related directly to the personal status.

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Already in the middle of the twentieth century with the evolution of industry, the search for comfort revolutionizes the men’s fashion known until then, popularizing among youth what would come to be called “casual style.” In that context, the T-shirt and jeans gained strength, breaking away from the aesthetic elements of elegance for freedom of comfort and identification with a younger style.

From this time the comfortable fabrics and casual modeling conquer the market and gradually classic elegance is losing strength because it can not adapt to these factors.

Seeking to balance these two opposing concepts, senplo ™ develops elegant, comfortable and versatile products, consolidating a style that fits any environment, professional, casual or social.

Details such as collapsed collars inspired by t-shirt collars, ample modeling that aid in fluidity of movement, unusual materials and utilitarian cuts inspired by the sports world, are part of the repertoire of our products development, giving life to a style called Hybrid.


Creative Direction and Styling – senplo ™

Photography – Olavo Martins

Assistant – Leonidas Kazakiwz

Models – Kaio Henrique (MGMT Rock) – Mathias Matsuda (MGMT Rock)

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