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Fashion Show

Fashion Show Casa de Criadores:
Senplo ™ features "Chapter I"

Senplo ™ is a brand that has the ambition to develop a hybrid style, related to an aesthetic tripod created by Rafael Schneider that aims to highlight in his creations an unpretentious, comfortable and versatile elegance.

In 2017 we were selected to debut at the 41st edition of Casa de Criadores, one of the biggest fashion events in Latin America.

See below:


With a dual inspiration between the Beach and the City, we present a fashion show with a timeless aesthetic, neutral color chart, modeling with new proportions and textured fabrics, demonstrating our essence in developing a style, against the trend current that exists in the fashion world.

“The difference between fashion and style is that fashion is ephemeral and style is forever”

Rafael Schneider
Creative Director Senplo ™

Watch our fashion show below:

Photo: Fotosite

Creative Direction: Rafael Schneider.

Styling: Senplo ™


Soundtrack: João Kaarah.

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