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The founders:
More than clothing, a cause

Over the last five years, senplo ™ has been evolving in the Brazilian market. From the outset its founders sought not only to develop clothing, but also to strive for a greater cause that reflects their values ​​and beliefs.

Rafael Schneider, creative director of the brand, has a degree in Product Design and Graphic Design from the University of Caxias do Sul. Throughout his professional career he has had the opportunity to travel abroad and have contact with new cultures and customs. This contact gave Rafael new insights that were shaping the aesthetics and values ​​of senplo ™.

Noting the lack of fashion information and aesthetic sense that much of the Brazilian male public possessed, Rafael sought references in his global experiences and sought to better understand how he could consolidate a more elegant dress to the Brazilian man, without distancing himself from the intrinsic unique identity the local culture.

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Meanwhile, Danielle Bossle, a law graduate from the University of Caxias do Sul, was living in Australia in search of a new career path after years of working in the legal, financial and commercial sectors.

In this context, in the year 2013 begins to develop Senplo, where Rafael takes over the creative part of the brand and invites Daniel to manage the company’s administrative / commercial sector.


Today, Senplo is moving into its sixth year, with the defense of a cause that is becoming clearer everyday: developing products for people who want to dress in an elegant way, but who do not give up comfort and versatility. The ambition to consolidate a timeless aesthetic into each collection is part of senplo ™ ™ DNA, which represents a Hybrid style where there is a balance between tailoring, casual and sporting elements.

Creative Direction and Styling – senplo ™

Photography – Marlon Peres

Founders – Rafael Schneider – Daniel Bossle

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