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BANNER 1 - Senplo+Birkenstock A teoria Híbrida


Senplo™ + Birkenstock:
"The Hybrid Theory"

Senplo ™ has teamed up with Birkenstock to present the foundation of its hybrid concept. The editorial photographed by Nicolau Spadoni on the coast of São Paulo captures the silent and strong atmosphere of nature in its raw state.

The Hybrid concept developed by senplo ™ is born from the pursuit of the development of a product that is comfortable, elegant and versatile. Thus, every product is reformulated by evaluating issues related to functionality and fluidity. In addition, the choice of suitable materials and wide shapes provide perspiration and comfort, adding elegance and versatility to travel in any environment without being out of context.

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The first sandal of the German Birkenstock was made in 1964. Its founder Karl sought from the outset to develop a product that was extremely comfortable, but at the same time elegant, one of the points that unite senplo ™ to Birkenstock.

The looks of this editorial demonstrate the hybridity and versatility of our clothes along the Arizona sandal. The combination made with social pants maintains elegance and comfort on a summer day, as well as the combination of sandal with socks and our tech pants gives a more unpretentious look for the weekend, leaving the movements more free due to the cuts present in the piece.

“What unites senplo ™ and Birkenstock is the concern to develop comfortable products without forgetting elegance and versatility.”

Rafael Schneider
Creative Director Senplo ™


Creative Direction and Styling – senplo ™

Photography – Nicolau Spadoni

Assistant – Paulo Pompeia

Models – Vinicius Mariano (Oxygen) Guilherme Paganini (Allure)

Beauty – Cristina Cordon

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